Review: Ocean Animals

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Today’s book is a non-fiction addition to this month’s ocean books!


Ocean Animals


Ocean Animals: Who’s Who in the Deep by Johnna Rizzo

Publisher: National Geographic Kids, 2016

Genre: Non-Fiction, Ocean Animals

Format: Softcover

Source: We received this title for free in exchange for an honest review. All views expressed here are our own.

This is the perfect book for someone interested in learning about the ocean, especially if they’re just starting to look for titles about this subject. There’s a little bit of information about a lot of different animals, and it gives a good overview with a lot of interesting facts. The page layouts are unique and engaging. However, what really sets this book apart is the photographs, which are bright, colorful, and detailed. I think this could be a great book for readers of any age because the images are so engaging. Even if a child can’t read the text, they’ll be sure to be interested in the pictures. This has definitely been one of my favorite non-fiction books I’ve seen recently!

Sea Otters

A double spread from Ocean Animals (Rizzo 50-51)


With the Finding Dory movie attracting audiences everywhere, this is the perfect book for a young reader excited to learn more!


For more information:

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**** 4/5 stars

Non-fiction text about different ocean animals

Lots of information, incredible photographs