Review: Saving Granny Maggot

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Happy Book Birthday to Jim Reaper #2: Saving Granny Maggot!


Granny Maggot


Jim Reaper #2: Saving Granny Maggot by Rachel Delahaye

Illustrated by Jamie Littler

Publisher: Piccadilly Press, 2016

Genre: Fiction, Humor, Middle Grade, Series

Pages: 233

Format: Softcover

Source: We received this title for free in exchange for an honest review. All views expressed here are our own.

Jim is finally starting to come to terms with his discovery that his father is the Grim Reaper. But he still has a lot of questions, and when he’s snooping through his dad’s office, he learns something terrible. His best friend’s beloved grandmother is next on the Grim Reaper’s to-do list! Can Jim avoid his father and save Granny Maggot?!

This is the second book in the Jim Reaper series, and I actually liked it even better than the first! The first book – Son of Grim – has a lot of background information, and I thought the title kind of gave away the intended surprise at the end. Saving Granny Maggot, however, was funny, unpredictable, and adventurous. I thought I really started to get a better sense of the characters without too much explanation, and I didn’t see some of the twists in this story coming. There are a few phrases that seem pretty UK specific, but I didn’t find them problematic enough to detract from my reading experience.

There are a few grayscale illustrations throughout the book. There aren’t too many of them, but they’re placed strategically to show important parts in the book. I love the images of Granny Maggot; she is pretty cute no matter what she’s doing, but her dancing scene is really funny.

I also liked the design of these books. They look like a

What's Inside

“What’s Inside?” for Saving Granny Maggot

very cohesive set, and I think kids
would be interested in them if they saw the series lined up on a shelf because they’re bright, cheerful, and eye-catching. I also noticed a little addition on the very back of the book that I really like. At the bottom, there’s something like a food pyramid entitled “What’s Inside?” that lists some keywords for the book.  I’ve never seen anything quite like that before, and I think it’s a unique way to share that information.

The end of the book includes a brief synopsis of another upcoming title in the Jim Reaper series. If the next title is anything like Saving Granny Maggot, I can’t wait to see more!


For more information:

Author Rachel Delahaye’s official website

Illustrator Jamie Littler’s official website

Publisher Piccadilly Press’ official website



**** 4/5 stars

Funny, great for a young middle-grade audience

Interesting book design and humorous illustrations


Jim Reaper #2: Saving Granny Maggot by Rachel Delahaye is published by Piccadilly Press on 14th July 2016 and priced £5.99.



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