Review: Graffiti Moon

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Today, I have yet another graffiti, street art-inspired YA novel to share (are you all sick of these yet?!)


Graffiti Moon


 Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley

Publisher: Ember, an imprint of Random House Children’s Books, 2012

Genre: Realism, Art, Street Art, YA

Pages: 261

Format: Soft Cover

Source: Public Library

All Lucy wants is a guy “who can talk and who paints and who has a brain” (139). To celebrate her graduation, Lucy plans to find Shadow, a mysterious graffiti artist whom she believes could be the perfect guy for her. All Ed wants is to survive, create art, and not disappoint those who depend on him. He hasn’t spoken to Lucy since their disastrous first date and isn’t happy to hear about her fascination with Shadow’s work. Ed likes to keep his secrets hidden, and Lucy is the last person he wants to tell the truth.

I have pretty mixed feeling about this one, especially because it’s told from different perspectives. Ed and Lucy alternate narrating chapters with some overlaps to get each side of the story. There are also a few poetic interludes from one of the other characters. The description on the back of the book really makes it seem as though this is going to be Lucy’s story, but I actually liked Ed’s character much better. Don’t get me wrong, Lucy is certainly likable in her own right; she always speaks her mind, has a really cool interest in glassblowing, and packs a mean punch. Yet however the story goes, I always felt like Lucy would be okay at the end of it. She has her family, her friends, her art, her plans for college, and, if the “nice arty girl meets mysteriously sensitive bad boy artist” stereotype holds true, she’s probably going to get the guy. Ed, however, seemed to have much more at stake throughout this whole book. Nothing is as sure for Ed, and I think he struggles with a lot more problems and challenges that give him more dimension and room to grow.

As for the art in this book, I thought Lucy’s interest in glassblowing was a really interesting addition. I think it’s a skill that a lot of people don’t know about or even consider art. I also really appreciated the fact that Lucy had a little badass in her too. While Ed’s art is potentially dangerous and requires a certain skillset, so does Lucy’s and her interests aren’t paled in comparison to his. I do, of course, absolutely love the description of Shadow’s art and the way it’s combined with poetry. The way they talk about their art in all its different forms is powerful, and I found it to be one of the best parts of this book overall.


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*** 3/5 stars

Lucy and Ed set off to find mysterious graffiti artist Shadow but discover something neither had ever expected instead.

Imbalanced characters, unique art styles included