Discussion Questions: The Someday Birds

The Someday BirdsDiscussion Questions for The Someday Birds:

  1. Charlie admits that he is no expert on feelings, but knowing that he is going to visit his dad in the hospital after sustaining a brain injury, how do you think he might feel?
  2. When Charlie tells people he is ‘fine,’ he says it because he thinks this is what they want to hear. Do you think he is right?
  3. Do you think that Gram is right about Ludmila that she has a story to tell?
  4. Why does Gram get angry with Charlie when he says, “Even if I did say hello… Dad doesn’t hear me” (pg. 17).
  5. What do you think of Charlie’s bird book and his list of someday birds?
  6. Gram cries when she gives the family the “great news” that their dad is going to be receiving treatment from a world-class research hospital for free. Do you think she is happy or sad?
  7. After Gram and dad go to Virginia, Gram’s babysitter plans fall through. Davis and the twins take the opportunity to do as they please, but Charlie is upset and calls Grams to inform. She calls in a backup babysitter. What do you think of her choice?
  8. Now that Ludmila is at their house, Davis decides to make other arrangement for the family. What do you think of her new plan?
  9. After the accident, the twins disappear and Charlie goes to look for them. Charlie makes a find at the junk shop. The twins also come back with a “find.” What do you think of these new items?
  10. Ludmila is back on the scene but instead of heading back home, she is going to take them on a road trip that will bring them to their father. How do you think Charlie – or any of them – feels about this plan? Do you, like Charlie, think she is heading for some scary cult headquarters?
  11. The road trip may not have been Charlie’s idea of a good rime, but it is one that turns out to have unexpected birding opportunities. Joel complains that checking off birds on a list will not help dad; it will only satisfy Charlie. Ludmila says that might just be a good enough reason to do it. What do you think?
  12. At Yellowstone, Joel and Jake discover that bison are not tame, and Davis discovers a new interest. This interest mystifies Charlie. It also seems to point to changes in the relationship between Charlie and Davis. What do you think these changes mean?
  13. Charlie makes an unexpected friend. Why do you think Charlie and Tiberius become so close?
  14. They stop at the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument where a reenactment is scheduled to take place. Ludmila doesn’t like war monuments and is strangely quiet after the visit. What do you think is going on?
  15. Ludmila begins to tell her story. Do you think she is like the fire bird?
  16. At Wall Drug Charlie has a run-in with a very unusual bird. Would this encounter make you scared or would you be like Charlie and feel braver?
  17. We learn a little more of Ludmila’s story. How do you think it is going to end?
  18. Charlie’s next experience is with a “bird” of another kind. What do you think of his Duck tour?
  19. What do you think about Charlie’s ride at the waterpark? What does he learn? How does this change things between Charlie and his brothers?
  20. Charlie compares his Someday list to a hundred hand-washings of calm. Why does Charlie need this right now? With that in mind, has it been worth his time keeping the list? Is that the only reason?
  21. At the Hall of Birds at the Field Museum, Charlie gets more new experiences with birds – and people. Why is he frustrated with himself?
  22. What do Joel and Jake do for Charlie that points to the change in their relationship?
  23. While staying with Ludmila’s friend Mariana, Charlie and Davis overhear their conversation and finally learn the connection between Ludmila and their father. What do you think of Davis’s decision to share her father’s files with Ludmila. And after she does, how do you think Ludmila feels? What about Charlie and Davis?
  24. Ludmila finally finishes her story. Do you think she will now be able to take her brothers advice and find that “bit of good” that exists everywhere (pg. 250)?
  25. In the Amish country in Pennsylvania, Charlie has yet another wild experience in the corn field. Yet instead of being overly frightened and running away, he uses it as an opportunity to sight another bird. How does he feel about this opportunity?
  26. In Colonial Williamsburg, Charlie gets involved in the act. Does this surprise you? Would this be something you would expect of Charlie at the beginning of the story?
  27. While trying to plan the last few days of their trip, the family gets a call from Gram. Dad is going in for surgery. Their plans are scrapped as they head for the hospital. How are the children feeling? Do you think Charlie will ever get his opportunity to speak with Tiberius Shaw and have his questions about bird behavior and human behavior answered?
  28. How might Charlie feel when even Davis and Gram struggle to understand the behavior of the doctors?
  29. Charlie is very disturbed by the actions of those around him. Is running away the answer? And what do you think of his choice of location?
  30. What do you think of this quote from Tiberius Shaw’s journal: “Change is possible. It is not to be feared.” (pg. 272) Now think of all the things that Charlie has faced. Think of all his new experiences. Do you think Charlie would agree with Tiberius Shaw?


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