Discussion Questions: Children of Exile

Children of ExileDiscussion Questions for Children of Exile

  1. Rosi learns she is not an orphan and now she is being returned to her biological family.
    1. What do you think is the reason she (and all the other children) were taken by the Freds in the first place?
    2. Why do you think the Freds never shared this information at an earlier time?
    3. How do you think Rosi and the children feel about leaving the Freds?
    4. How do you think they feel about meeting their biological families?


  1. Why do you think the Freds are not going to be allowed to accompany the children on the return trip to their parents?


  1. Do a compare/contrast of the Fred-parents vs. biological parents/Fredtown vs. “home.”


  1. Why do you think Rosi refers to her biological parents are “the mother” and “the father.” Do you think if they were nicer to her she might call them something else?


  1. Look up some synonyms for the word “missionary.” (proselytizer, preacher, apostle, teacher, campaigner, champion, propagandist, activist, messenger) Which of these meanings seem to fit? Who do you think the missionary is?


  1. Together Edwy and Rosi try to discover just what has happened in their hometown. Edwy says “if nobody lies to us and nobody tells us the truth either, that just leaves us ….. stupid”. (pg. 159) Are lying and not telling (revealing) the whole truth the same thing?


  1. Edwy returns Rosi and Bobo’s suitcases to them. Why? Should he have done this? What are the results of his action?


  1. What do you think about the reaction to Rosi’s announcement in the marketplace that she fears that Edwy Watanaboneset has been kidnapped? And what do you think about her punishment?


  1. The missionary is allowed to visit Rosi in prison. He explains a bit of the history of her hometown (see page 226). We learn that the Freds stepped in an stopped the ongoing war by taking the people’s children. The Freds did this because they felt that these people couldn’t be trusted with their own children. Do you think this was the right action?


  1. The missionary helps Rosi escape.  Do you think she can really make it somewhere safe?


  1. Rosi’s father and mother also help in Rosi’s escape. Now that you have a better understanding of their situation, how do you feel about them? Have your feelings changed? Have Rosi’s feelings changed and how do you know?


  1. Rosi escapes with Bobo and Cana. She is helped by a Fred, Mrs. Osemwe. We learn about some unexpected powers that Freds have which will help the children in their escape. She explains some of the reasoning behind the Freds actions for taking the children. Now she is going to step in again and take these three children back to Fredtown. Is this right? And is Rosi’s decision not to go right?


  1. What do you think is going to happen to Rosi, Bobo, and Cana? What do you think has happened to Edwy?

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