Review: Hello Lilac Good Morning, Yellow

hello lilacReview:

Hello Lilac Good Morning, Yellow: Colors and First Words

Author: Judith Drews

Publisher: Prestel, 2018

Hello Lilac Good Morning, Yellow is just what it says – a book that introduces colors and first words. What the title doesn’t indicate is the exuberance of the colors: cheery yellow, calming blue, vibrant lilac. Even the brown seems cuddly with its big friendly bear.

Better yet, the words will be familiar so even beginners will be able to “read.” The objects are everyday items, but manage not to be boring: cupcakes and cucumbers, balloons and briefs, monsters (with stinky breath) and the moon, toilet paper and tooth brushes.

This is a good basic book to add to your home library. Young readers can review colors, see everyday words, and parents can take it a step further with things like alphabet reviews and story starter games.


*Note: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.