Holiday Gift List (And Follow Up!)

Holiday Gift List (and Follow Up!)

I’ve been doing some holiday gift shopping and am aware that many of my readers are busy doing the same. Additionally, this weekend I had the opportunity to speak with and observe a number of young readers and inquire about what they like when they receive a book as a gift. The following is the result of my (informal) research.

I attended a reading and signing by Ryan T. Higgins. The audience (kids and adults) loved his books. The Mother Bruce series (check out my review of Be Quiet! here!) and We Don’t Eat Our Classmates were both especially popular. If you are looking for a picture book, this is an author which I can heartily recommend.

I also had the opportunity to speak with another reader, a four-year-old, and her mother. I have shared several books with them over the past few months and what her mother told me is that her favorite books are those that also involve activities, whether they be stickers or puzzles or some type of game. A couple of the books I shared were especially popular:

  • My First Wild Activity Book was a big hit. (Two thumbs up according to my young friend.) She liked having the book read to her, but then she enjoyed that she could play with the stickers on her own. A recent family camping trip made this book even more interesting to her.
  • The two Smithsonian kits – Solar System and World Atlas – were also both hits (with the Solar System coming out slightly ahead due to the glow-in-the-dark stars). Both received a thumbs up from multiple readers.

Interestingly enough, two National Geographic books were also winners in my informal polling. Fly with Me had many interested readers, as did Food Fight. One of my coworkers tried the recipe for hummus with her kids and they were all pleased with the results.

If you’re still looking to finish your holiday shopping, I strongly suggest any of these books–they’re all great gifts!