Review: 1,000 Facts About Ancient Egypt

1000 Facts About EgyptReview:

1,000 Facts About Ancient Egypt

Author: Nancy Honovich

Publisher: National Geographic Kids, 2019

OK, time for a little quiz! (Yes, yes, we are back to school and it’s time for quizzes again. I promise – this one won’t be painful.)

Did you know…..

  1. …… that ancient Egyptians used the same hieroglyph for ZERO as they did for BEAUTY? (13)
  2. …… that the amount of linen it takes to wrap a single mummy could cover three-quarters of a professional basketball court? (21)
  3. …….that most Egyptian men and women wore triangular linen loincloths as underwear? (25)
  4. …..that ancient Egyptian cats were similar to modern-day tabby cats? (42)
  5. ……that ancient Egyptian mummy makers were the first people known to use stitches? (51)

I could go on and on with this kind of information. This new offering by Honovich and National Geographic is simply packed with interesting, little known facts about ancient Egyptian life. There are plenty of visuals, too, depicting everything from the jewelry the Egyptians wore to some of the beastly animals of the land.

This is one of those books that provides hours of entertainment. The facts are presented in little trivia-style nuggets with the photos and other graphics giving relief from solid pages of facts.


*Note: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.