Review: Lucky Little Things

lucky little thingsReview:

Lucky Little Things

Author: Janice Erlbaum

Publisher: Farrar Straus Giroux, 2019

Source: Personal Purchase

Things have been difficult and sad for Emma Macintyre ever since her beloved Aunt Jenny died. Aunt Jenny was the kind of person who made everything seem brighter and better. No problem was insurmountable with the support of Aunt Jenny. Now she is gone and both Emma and her mom are swamped with grief.

When a mysterious letter arrives, containing a $20 bill and the message that Emma’s luck has changed for the better, Emma doesn’t know what to think. She is to make a list of ten lucky things she wants to happen and then at the end of thirty days, she is to check it to see what her luck has brought her. In addition, she is not to tell anyone about the letter. Despite her skepticism, she makes a list.

What follows is a month of unexpected happenings. Always on the look-out for her “secret pal,” Emma learns a lot about luck, herself, and the items on her list. It seems everyone has a different view of luck. Is it something you are born with? Is it something you attract or make? Or is life just a series of coincidences?

Unfortunately, none of these investigations give Emma a clue as to who the sender of the letter is. Some of the things on her list do happen. Some don’t. Sometimes Emma realizes that an item isn’t really what she wants, so she changes her list. However, the final item on her list – bring Aunt Jenny back – can’t possibly come true.

Lucky Little Things is a poignant story that will bring tears and hope and joy into the lives of readers. Aunt Jenny’s belief – that to be alive is to be lucky – rings true throughout the entire story.