Review: No Bears Allowed

no bears allowedReview:

No Bears Allowed

Author: Lydia Lukidis

Illustrator: Tara J. Hannon

Publisher:  Blue Whale Press, 2019

Ages: 4-7

Rabbit is a bit of a scared-y cat (scared-y rabbit, I guess I should say). He’s frightened of things like thunder, things that go bump in the night, and of, course, BEARS! With pointy teeth and long sharp claws to wave about, who wouldn’t be afraid of a bear? Certainly, Bear will want Rabbit for dinner – won’t he?

I love the messages imparted by this book. We can all find friends in unexpected places, especially when we let go of our personal prejudices. It’s important for everyone to be safe, but equally important to recognize the difference between being safe and being fearful simply because we are confronted by something new. By taking some time to consider someone else’s point of view, readers realize that maybe, just maybe, they might be wrong about that scary-looking bear.

The illustrations help keep the pages turning. Rabbit is lovable, Bear is a bit scary, and together the two characters help get the message across in a nice, subtle way.

While some of the 4-7 crowd may be able to read this on their own, I think it’s a great “sharing” book. It opens up reading time for some real honest dialogue – always a plus with me.


*Note: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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