Review: I Want a Dog

i want a dogReview:

I Want A Dog

Author: Jon Agee

Publisher: Dial Books for Young Readers, 2019

Source: Personal Purchase

Jon Agee has lots of fans – and for good reason. His books are quirky and fun to read.  His illustrations are somewhat spare, but with lovable characters. His new book, I Want A Dog, is no exception. It’s a book that readers will thoroughly enjoy (whether or not they want dogs, too.)

A very determined young lady has shown up at the Happydale Animal Shelter. She is seeking a dog. Happydale has lots of interesting animals in need of homes – but no dogs! The manager tries to convince her that perhaps another animal would do. However, our young friend knows what she wants and it is definitely a dog.

Everyone will love they way the problem of no dogs is solved. Don’t forget to check out the very last illustration. She really does love her new pet!