Guest Post Guidelines


Two BookWorms Blog is a children’s literature-focused blog with resources for readers, teachers, and parents at all levels. I provide reviews of books from picture books to young adult novels, review associated films, cover relevant events, and provide suggestions for literature-themed activities that can be used in the home, classroom, or library. Two BookWorms Blog is intended to be a resource for anyone seeking quality books for children of all ages.

I am seeking guest posts with a children’s literature focus from authors, librarians, parents, authors, or other reviewers. Although I will accept reviews on a case-by-case basis (check out the annual index to see what titles have already been covered!), I prefer opinion pieces, teaching activities, personal experiences, or informational posts. I will accept either pitches or full drafts. I reserve the right to accept or reject guest posts as I believe best fits the blog content. Guest posts are unpaid at this time. Guest posts appear once every month, typically on a Wednesday.

For more information about me, check out WHO ARE THE BOOKWORMS?


If you submit a pitch, you will receive a due date by which a final draft is expected. Late drafts will not be accepted.

You should think of a title! It will be formatted something like “Guest Post: YOUR TITLE HERE.”

Please include a brief, two-sentence biography to start your post. You may link to your own website or social media here, if you choose to do so.

Guest posts should be no more than 1,000 words. I reserve the right to edit titles, biographies, and the body of the post. Accepted guest posts cannot be reposted elsewhere without permission; please note that I claim ownership of the materials posted on this blog but will absolutely credit the author for his or her work.

When referencing a specific book, please note the title, author/illustrator, publisher, year of publication, and page numbers if applicable. Please include a link to the author/illustrator website. Don’t forget to cite any sources you reference. If you have other resources that are relevant to your content, you may also include them. However, any links will be reviewed, and I will decide whether or not they are appropriate for our audience. I will also be including links to relevant content posted elsewhere throughout this blog. Affiliate links will not be accepted.

I also appreciate pictures of relevant book covers to go along with posts!

Guest posts should be sent as Word documents to

If your pitch is accepted, you will receive a response by email within two weeks. If you have not received any additional information at that point, your guest post has not been accepted. I will not be providing feedback on every submission I receive, but feel free to try submitting again if your first piece is not accepted.


Check out the following samples of previous guest posts for additional information about content and style. Other examples can be found by searching “guest post.”

“Searching Blindly for the Right Books” (Sarah O’Reilly, November 2016)

“Think Shapes: Children’s Literature in a High School Setting” (Brittany Lee, July 2016)

“Reading While Blind: Braille in the Technological World” (January 2016)

I’m looking forward to working with you and sharing the love of reading with a larger audience!