Review: Hey, That’s My Monster!

Hey That's My MonsterReview:

Hey, That’s My Monster!

Author: Amanda Noll

Illustrated by: Howard McWilliam

Publisher: Flashlight Press, 2016

Source: Public library

Do you look under your bed for a monster? Does that monster have a name? Ethan has his own private, personal monster named Gabe. That is, until Gabe decides that someone needs him more than Ethan does. Ethan’s little sister, Emma, is in desperate need of a monster so that she can get to bed and sleep each night.

If Emma now has Gabe, what is Ethan going to do? He’s got to take action and Gabe gives him the opportunity. He’s got three chances to find just the right monster for Emma or it is so long to Gabe on a permanent basis. However, it is tough to find just the right monster for a boisterous and not terribly sleepy little girl. Perhaps Gabe is just the right monster for her. Or is he?

This is one of those charmingly twisted little stories that both parent and child will want to share again and again. I love the illustrations, too. The monsters are delightful! (Be sure not to miss the ones on the end pages. They are loads of fun.)

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Check out Amanda Noll’s website at:

You can learn more about Howard McWilliam and see some of his other works at:



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